“This is the future…this is who we can believe and trust..what we all have been doing for years with mental health and drug companies promising help but our children are dying and our brains are being taken over…Let this doctor get your brain to work for itself.”


"Vicki Lipinski is an extremely understanding and compassionate therapist. She truly listens to all my issues and desires and is highly knowledgeable about what it takes to get on the path to recovery. I have decided to take a more Buddhist and natural path, without medications and through our sessions I have learned the importance of breathing, meditation and being aware of and living in the present moment. These newly found skills have helped me to end a long addiction to marijuana." - from Scott, a client


"We were so grateful to have found Vicki Lipinski. Our 14 year old son had lost 20 pounds as a result of his OCD and related attacks. We tried endless treatment options with no results. Our whole lives were centered around this disease that scared, isolated and depressed our son with no end in sight. His Psychiatrist recommended we see Vicki who specialized in OCD. After our first session, I knew we had chosen the right Therapist. Vicki gives practical suggestions that help our son deal with his OCD. The "tool box" she created in conjunction with our son is invaluable and with the help of Vicki in conjunction with the Psychiatrist, he has gained back over 10 pounds and feels like himself again. We are so grateful and I would recommend Vicki to anyone who really wants to get better." - From Melissa, a client

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