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The philosophy of Hillsborough NeuroPsych, LLC, reflects the integration of current knowledge in neurology, psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience and psychotherapy.  We adhere to the concept that a change in a person’s thinking and perceiving can affect one’s self regulation of emotions and behaviors, as well as alter the structure and function of the brain.  These findings are supported by research in neuroscience and evidenced based approaches.  The influence of therapies, such as Mindfulness and Meditation combine Western approaches and Eastern Buddhist philosophy to influence the Mind/Body relationship.

Interventions involve a treatment plan incorporating psychological evaluations, goal setting, cognitive-behavioral therapy, holistic healthy lifestyle choices (exercise, nutrition, social supports, relationships, hobbies/leisure), as well as increased knowledge through psycho-education. The adverse effects of stress on the body/mind can be addressed though better developing and practicing coping strategies, resilience, problem solving, positive psychology (using your strengths to enhance functioning), mindfulness, meditation, spirituality and stress management/relaxation training.  These approaches minimize the use of medications to change thoughts, emotions and behavior.

A working knowledge of brain and behavior relationships, neuroscience and brain-based learning are integral parts of the psychological evaluation process. The goal of psychological evaluations is to develop a neurocognitive process-oriented profile that looks at the client’s strengths, weaknesses, how information is utilized and the impact of different environments. Understanding this profile can result in identifying underlying causes of problems (learning, behavioral and social-emotional issues), generating well designed strategies and interventions affecting positive change across school, work, home and community settings.

We believe that psychopharmacological interventions have limited benefit to alleviate negative emotional states.  Therefore, we treat the whole person – in mind, body and spirit using an interdisciplinary team perspective. As a team that represents psychology and social work, we focus on understanding the complexity of psychological and social-emotional factors that impact on presenting concerns and adjustment. We are always available to consult with each other and exchange information about our client’s needs and progress.

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